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OUR advices

Bring a YPF road map, the most recent and complete one

You can also download the app that allows you to have access to offline maps.

Closely watch your fuel gauge and fill the gas tank whenever you can because gas stations will be rare and Patagonia is really vast and sometimes deserted.

In order to take a look at he gas prices in Chile, go on the website

Take the emergency numbers on your phone. You will also find all these phone numbers inside the notebook that we will give you when you leave.

With a phone, you just have to compose the 9 numbers.

If you call with a foreign phone, you must add +56 before the 9 numbers.

  • Ambulance : 131

  • Firefighters: 132

  • Police : 133 (emergency number) / 911 also works

Do not forget to eat all your fruits and vegetables before crossing the border since Chilean and Argentinian customs do not let anything get in their country 

Informations about the customs:

Do not forget to take your valuable items with you, or to hide them very well in the van, in order not to appeal potential thieves, most of all in touristic places or cities 

Try as much as you can to inquire about the weather conditions and the news, we never know. Forewarned is forearmed.  WebSite MeteoBlue: or go to Windy,-38.395,-71.884,8

Buy maté and more than a kilo of yerba since long hours driving are waiting for you (Did you know yerba maté prevents you from sleeping ?)

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